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Renewal Projects:

Renewal projects incorporate everything from individual room refurbishments to larger partial floor renovation projects. The below project links highlight some of the most recent new faculty & key support area renewal projects. As you will see, this scope of work is broad and varied, everything from high performance computer space to specialized laboratory space designed specifically to meet a Principle Investigator's needs.

Professor Thomson,

  • Beckman Behavioral Biology 150 - 152 Lab & Office Renovation
  • 1850 SQ FT Lab: 570 SQ FT Office
  • Cost: $2M

Professor Pellegrino,

  • Karman B1 & B2 Lab Renovation
  • 6500 SQ FT Lab
  • Cost: $7M

David Hsieh, Assistant Professor of Physics

  • Downs Lauritsen 03,11: Lab Renovation
  • 1,940 SF
  • Cost: $1.5M


Greg Fu, Professor of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

  • Schlinger, South portion of Second Floor
  • 5,500 SF
  • Cost: $4.8M

  Markus Meister, Professor of Biology

  • Beckman Behavioral Biology(BBB), North side of Third Floor
  • 7,619 SF
  • Cost: $4.0M

  Caltech Office of Technology Transfer (OTT)

  • Millikan 6th floor
  • 5,900 SF
  • Cost: $1.15M

Millikan 6th flr for Dev.