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Bechtel Residence

Project Description

The Bechtel Residence, named for Caltech Life Trustee Stephen D. Bechtel Jr., will provide undergraduate housing to 212 students, allowing all undergrads to live on campus and fully participate in residential life here.

Providing on-campus undergraduate housing facilities has been a longtime goal of the Caltech community, with reports and recommendations from several student, faculty, and staff committees informing the plan.

Caltech has solicited input from students from the outset of the design process. Building plans, room layouts and illustrations were shared at a May 2016 community meeting. A series of community meetings and focus groups about Bechtel and the future of student housing at Caltech will be held in 2017.

The Bechtel Residence will follow best practices for sustainability and energy efficiency.

 Project Details


  • The new residence will be located at the northeast edge of campus, just west of Avery House and south of Del Mar Boulevard. This spot was selected following several site analyses of various spots on campus.

 Building Size:

  • 95,000 square feet and two to three stories tall, with a 35-foot setback from Del Mar Blvd.

 Building Configuration:

  • Bechtel is divided into six distinct but interconnected structures that are arranged to promote interactions. There will be one large interior courtyard within the perimeter of the building as well as landscaped areas surrounding it.

  • The building will align with Avery House along its southern face, be located near the Avery House service drive on the east, and closely align with the west side of Moore Lab on the west. Forming a complete loop, it will be three stories tall on its north and east sides and two stories tall on its west and south sides. A dining hall will be located at the southeast corner of the building.

 Building Spaces:

  • 196 student bedrooms arranged in suites

  • 16 single-student bedrooms

  • 7 residential advisor and residential life coordinator apartments

  • 2 faculty-in-residence apartments

  • 5 kitchen/lounge areas

  • 4 common areas/study rooms

  • 6 laundry rooms

  • dining facility

 Construction Schedule:

  • Construction is expected to begin in late 2016 with the building ready for occupancy by the Fall 2018 semester.


  • Although a surface parking lot north of Moore Lab will be removed, there will still be excess parking capacity on campus. The new project will include 7-10 spaces for Faculty residence and Resident Advisor parking.


  • ZGF Architects and Matt Construction were selected following a competitive process to build and design the Bechtel Residence.

 Project Updates:

  • Under its Master Plan, Caltech previously sought and received a Conditional Use Permit from the City of Pasadena for this project. The project is now going through the city’s design review process, which allows the community to comment on Bechtel’s exterior design plans, and should be completed in January.

    Site PlanBechtel Residence Site Plan
    North ElevationBechtel Res. North Elevation
    East Elevation
    Bechtel Res. East Elevation
    South Elevation

    Bechtel Res. South Elevation
    West Elevation
    Bechtel Res. West Elevation
    Concept Renderings
    View from Del Mar
    View on Moore Walk